History: in 1983 we have just started with a few staff doing freight forwarding. We are proud to start a family business in which all parts of the family trying to assist the company’s growth. But in the last 25 years or more we have working so hard in order to develop the company. Today we are proud to announce we have taken the confidence of our clients and principals, whom we are serving in throughout the world as we claim, our service is second to none.

To have vast network: Today, Tushehbar has got a very vast network through the world. In every department we have got a very experienced network throughout the world who are supporting us to handle the job, from South east Asia to North America and Europe, from far east and china to all independent countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Khazakestan, Kyrgygestan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

To have a professional staff: Tushehbar is enjoying of a very experienced, motivated and hardworking team. Most of them university degree, fluent in English and making constent business trips to many parts of the world to know more about international method of business. Beside we have got regular classes in order to improve shiiping knwledge of the staff.

Once a friend always a friend: One of our important mottos is we values our customers as we believe our existence and growth are depend on how we treat our customers, clients and principals. We claim our service is second to none for which we work very hard. Of course there are always obstacles and we always welcome criticism from those whom we are dealing with, and will definitely help us to render better services.

Expansion of the company:  The management of Tushehbar always trying to initiate the best ideas in order to offer the best possible  service for which they have been trying to expand the company. Today ,Tushehbar having a group of companies assisting us directly and indirectly or a better service. We have now our own offices and staff throughout Iran and most of the Iran’s southern ports. We have got our own fleet of trucks, trailers, low beds and car carriers which  are helping us to have better service and compete in our forwarding and transit division. From having a few staff, we are now proud to say more than 100 people are working with us in Tehran as well as other offices.

Representing: We are proud to announce we are representing a very well known establishments in shipping industry for which we have worked so hard. We are representing very experienced freight forwarders in Europe as well as other parts of the world.

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