We are looking for an HR Specialist to join our team and monitor all Human Resources functions.
Key Tasks and Responsibilities

-Informing job applicants of job duties, responsibilities, benefits, schedules, working conditions, promotion opportunities, etc.

-Implement training and development plans. Develop and implement HR policies throughout the organization.

-Process employees’ queries and respond in a timely manner. Participate in performance evaluation processes.

-Perceptive nature, careful monitoring of working conditions to ensure legal compliance.
Your Skills and Experience

-Bachelor’s degree or higher in relevant fields (State universities graduates are in priority)

-At least 10 years of relevant work experience

-Having the ability of problem-solving and strategic thinking.

-Dominant in Labor law, social security regulations and payroll accounting.

-Team spirit and leadership

-Basic knowledge of English

-Age Range: 30-40

Please send your CV to the address below :


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